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Sustayz #02

make 2021 the greenest year of your life

Welcome back, we made it to 2021 and to our second newsletter.

We don’t believe in predicting the future, but we believe in making it happen. Today’s issue is about making your hospitality business more sustainable and giving you a few ideas to do so.

May 2021 be the greenest year of your life

green is the way to go

The big idea

It is amazing to see how many predictions for 2021 are already out there, as if 2020 hasn’t taught us anything.

While predicting the future is a good exercise to gain likes and shares on social media, we think it makes more sense to focus on things we can actually control, and go towards our goals with a hedgehog-like focus.

Sustainability is a growing trend in the hospitality industry and there are multiple reports ( just to mention one) to support the thesis that travellers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental and social impact of their holiday choices. Furthermore, travellers are keener than ever to book accommodations that are in tune with their values. The fact that they don’t find these types of product easily is another story and makes it a great opportunity.

Going green is not only good for generating bookings but also to attract investments as shareholders and potential investors are increasingly looking to see clear evidences that accommodation providers are walking the talks before writing checks.

With this in mind, adopting the 3 Ps as a framework to run your company could be an actionable and concrete goal to move forward in 2021.

In an ideal world profit, people and planet (3 Ps) are not mutually exclusive rather should be the pillars of a successful business, and can be the way to go to have an organised approach to the topic (and reaping the benefits).

Bear in mind that there is no one size fits all approach to sustainability, each business is different, and might have a different angle to tackle the topic.

Wishing you a very sustainable 2021

Your sustayz team

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